Understandable Ecommerce

Direct Your Shoppers Down the Path to Purchase

MSB Ecommerce Websites

A Website is "where it's at"...

Everyone knows an ecommerce website can be a powerful tool for sales

(which is why everyone wants one)

But no one seems to know how to actually get sales with their websites

(it isn't as simple as "if you build it they will come")

If you want to use the power of your own website to make more money you need a website that works and invites your guests into a Shopper's Dream!

Here's What Happens With a Website That Looks Good, but Isn't Built for Sales:

  • You are proud of your website
  • Your friends & family tell you you've done an amazing job
  • You feel like an expert
  • You start sending traffic to your website
  • You get confused because there are no sales
  • You ask someone (or maybe a Facebook group) to look at your site
  • Everyone tells you it looks great (because it does)
  • You struggle to improve conversion and never get the sales you want
  • THE WORST PART IS: You feel lost and overwhelmed and question your ability to accomplish your dreams
"I did what I knew to do... When I knew better, I did better"

-Maya Angelou

MSB Ecommerce Websites Are Made for Online Shoppers
1. Understandable
Understandable MSB Ecommerce Websites
NEVER lose another Shopper because they can't find what they're looking for. Your website will be understandable and EASY to shop.
2. Knowledgeable
Knowledgeble MSB Ecommerce Websites
Answer your Shopper's questions BEFORE they ask and you're one step closer to the sale. After all, website design is about more than looking pretty.
3. Profitable
Profitable MSB Ecommerce Websites
Walk your Shoppers down the path to purchase and they'll walk away with even more to love. You'll walk away with more sales. It's a win-win.
A Trusted Expert & Brand Mastermind
Elise Trusted Expert & Brand Mastermind - MSB Ecommerce Websites

Elise Nelson is the Founder & CEO of My Scheduled Biz, where she uses her 5+ years of experience as an ecommerce entrepreneur to help ecommerce shop owners increase their sales through social media & website optimization. 

Elise is also the Author of the book "Browser vs Buyer: Optimize Your Ecommerce Website & Get More Sales!".

With her straightforward, analytical style she brings clarity & answers the question burning in every entrepreneur's mind, "What should I do next?"

Sample MSB Ecommerce Websites

password: 1234

MSB Demo Website

MSB Demo Website

Devil Clip Website

Devil Clip Website

Naturescapes Studio Website

Naturescapes Studio Website
MSB Stock Media Costs Less Than You Think

You get ALL the images, video, and audio you could ever need...

...for less than 1¢ each!

How Much Will You Pay Elsewhere?

Here's how much stock photo sites are charging...

Here's how much stock video sites are charging...

Here's how much stock audio sites are charging...

Save Yourself Time & Money with an MSB Ecommerce Website! 

Stop Chasing Tech Nightmares to "Fix" Your Website

That's a waste of your valuable time!

Stop Paying Platforms to Bring You Shoppers

That's a waste of your valuable money!

What's My Investment?
For less than what you spend on lunch & less time than it takes to eat it, you will:
  • Receive the perfect website for your brand
  • ​Understand HOW your website needs to be designed to make it easier to shop
  • ​Know that you are overcoming your customer's objections
  • ​Build a relationship with an expert in case you need any help in the future
 It's ALL Included:
Easily Searchable Platform
No stress finding the perfect stock media for your project

**Paid Challenge ONLY - 30 Day Access

Basic Image Editor
Easily edit your photos with no prior skills

**Paid Challenge ONLY

Advanced Image Editor
No need to pay for an advanced image editor. Just use ours!
**Free & Paid Challenge
1 Million+ Stock Images
Beautiful Photography Without the Price Tag

**Paid Challenge ONLY

500K+ Stock Videos
Never pay hundreds of dollars for a video again!
**Free & Paid Challenge
Royalty Free Audio
Add sound to your videos without breaking the bank

**Paid Challenge ONLY

How Can I Help You Get More Sales?

Optimize My Existing Ecommerce Website

  • Custom One-On-One call where you will receive feedback & be able to ask questions
  • Find the problems that are limiting your sales
  • Determine if your website is laid out to lead your customer to purchase
  • Understand the 3 types of Shoppers that visit your website
  • Evaluate your website header
  • Ensure your menus answer your Shopper's questions
  • Re-organize product categories (as needed)
  • Assess your product descriptions & photos
  • Checkout assessment
  • Popup overview
  • Homepage appraisal

Build a New Ecommerce Website

  • ONE Zoom Meeting (if needed)
  • Header w/Logo
  • Footer w/Logo
  • 'Shop' Menu
  • 'More Info' Menu
  • Homepage
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Testimonial Page
  • Shipping Page
  • Returns Page
  • 10 products
  • Standard Shopify Fonts
  • 5 Additional Pages
  • Blog with up to 10 posts
  • Creation of 1 Gift Card
  • 10 URL Redirects from current site
  • Left to Free Shipping Coding
  • Identification of Irresistible Benefit
  • Automated Testimonial Requests

Strategize the Next Steps for My Ecommerce Shop

  • One-On-One brainstorming calls
  • Personalized strategies for your business
  • Learn how to interpret analytics to figure out what to do next for your business
  • Create a social media marketing plan
  • Receive help with technology and/or organization
  • Improve your advertising campaigns
  • Know where to turn when you need help
  • Have an expert with whom to discuss ideas
  • Get recommendations based on analytics
  • Understand from where your traffic is coming
  • ​Receive advice about where to get traffic
Annual Payments

Monthly Payments


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