Conquer Social Media & Get More Sales

Schedule EVERY Social Media Platform & Understand Your Data

Social media is like a mountain you have to climb EVERY day
Professional marketers make it look easy...meanwhile you feel like you're pushing a heavy cart uphill with square tires.

Conquering the social media mountain IS possible.

Most small business owners think consistent posting to the 'Big 5' (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, & Twitter) is the biggest hurdle with social media.

It's not.

If you want to use the power of social media to make more sales, then you need to know and understand your analytics data.
Here are the problems small businesses have with social media:
  • It's hard to focus because you have to be everywhere (especially the 'Big 5') & it's hard to stay on top of so many platforms
  • Most schedulers focus on one or two platforms, so you need multiple schedulers to get the job done
  • ​It's too confusing, so you give up trying to be consistent on social media & settle for sporadic posting with large gaps of time between posts
  • ​Most data analytics is limited to individual platforms, so you never get a full picture of your entire brand
  • ​You don't know how to 'connect the dots' from analytics to sales
  • Courses & business coaches aren't focused on analytics with eCommerce physical products, so it's hard to get help
  • ​Most software/apps charge a premium for analytics
Are you overwhelmed with social media scheduling?
Do you want to take the confusion out of analytics data and strategically plan like the professionals?

Do you wonder how you can use analytics data to understand what's working & what isn't?

Can social media really help you make more sales?

Do you want to know where to start and get all the help you need without breaking the bank?

Start with MSB Social.

Start with MSB Social.

"I did what I knew to do... When I knew better, I did better"

-Maya Angelou

MSB Social is your comprehensive solution for social media scheduling and analytics data.

You'll get back time when your social media posts are easily scheduled in one program.

You'll get confidence when you understand what the numbers mean, & be able to pinpoint what's working & what isn't.

You'll get more sales when you make strategic changes based on your analytics data.

MSB Social is Made for Small Business Owners
1. Affordable

It costs less than $2 per platform for scheduling AND advanced analytics data to help you make smart business decisions

2. Understandable
No prior knowledge about analytics data or technical skills needed.
3. Actionable
A step-by-step system that helps you understand what's working & what isn't. Plus, live Q&A calls so you know your next steps.
Why is MSB Social Right for You?

You're an entrepreneur, which means you're doing all.  the.  things.

You don't have time to spend on lengthy course. 

You need help, and you need help fast.

  • MSB Social is the only scheduling platform you need because it connects every online platform.
  • MSB Social is your one-stop location for the most in-depth data analytics for every platform all in one place.
  • ​MSB Social is your secret weapon to help you understand the “big picture” to see how each platform affects your sales. 
  • ​MSB Social is your guide to plan a year’s worth of branded social media posts that you can bulk schedule.
A Trusted Expert & Brand Mastermind
A Trusted Expert & Brand Mastermind

MSB Social is provided by Elise Nelson, the mastermind behind the MSB group of companies. 

She is a trusted course creator, helping hundreds of eCommerce business owners improve their brand presence online and increase sales.

The course material is compact, easy to apply, and (most importantly) useful so that you feel confident that you understand how to use social media to get more sales.

MSB Social is brand new, but here’s what several business owners have said about the course & membership already: 
Christine Craves, 10 Gables


"It's been very helpful to me for scheduling and analytics. 

I really like the simplicity of being able to schedule a few posts at a time and organize them with the preset options for a quick visual on what I'm sharing over time. 

It's like it can be super complicated...or not. "

- Christine Craves, 10 Gables

 Angie Gordon, Gathered & Sown


"I followed the MSB social videos and uploaded the graphics to a spreadsheet (which was spelled out step by step). I 'set it and forget it' as they say. 

In the two weeks since my posts started automatically posting to social media, I’ve seen my engagement in those channels go way up! 

And now, I’m seeing sales as a direct result!"

- Angie Gordon, Gathered & Sown

 Andrea York, Catch the Fire Worship Flags


"MSB Social is much more amazing than I anticipated. I’ve tried a lot of different apps, like Buffer, Tailwind, Planoly, and FB Creator Studio and MSB Social is better than them all."

- Andrea York, Catch the Fire Worship Flags

 Barb Grajek, Navy Mom Swag


"I was surprised by all the quotes and holiday posts that were ready for us and how easy it is to schedule all the posts ."

- Barb Grajek, Navy Mom Swag

MSB Social is More Than a Scheduler
Social Media Scheduling
Social Media Scheduling
Superior Scheduling: Individual, bulk, syndicated, evergreen, & recurring posting

Complete Brand Analytics
Complete Brand Analytics 
Advanced Analytics: Overview of entire brand or individualized for each platform
Social Media Listening
Social Media Listening
Simple Search: Track your competition, find influencers, & discover curated content
Step-by-Step Tutorials
Step-By-Step Tutorials
Targeted Teaching: Learn the ABC's of social media posting for small business
MSB Social Does It ALL

Because We're All Tired of Juggling #AllTheThings

MSB Social lets you schedule EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE with the BEST TOOLS available.

MSB Social Does It All
MSB Social Costs Less Than You Think
MSB Social Costs Less Than You Think

How much money are you spending on multiple scheduling apps just to stay consistent with the Big 5?

How much time are you wasting tracking data that you don't understand how to connect to the big picture?

The investment in this course & membership is less than you think.

What's My Investment?

For less than what you spend on lunch & less time than it takes to eat it, you will:

  • Harness the power of social media to get more sales
  • Automate social media scheduling & rescheduling for every social media platform
  • Track & understand your analytics data
  • ​Have an endless supply of new content so that you customers engage with your posts
  • ​Know how to strategize better using data analytics as your guide
  • ​Create social media posts quickly
  • ​Customize your marketing plan easily
  • ​Spy on your competitors to see what's working
  • ​Identify influencers in your niche
  • ​And much, much more
We've Never Opened Up An Offer Like This to the Public Before, 

And You Most Likely Won't See It Ever Again, So Don't Delay Act Fast!

 It's ALL Included:
MSB Social Media Scheduling Software
MSB Social Media Scheduling Software
Superior Social Media Scheduling to Grow Your Brand
• Individual & Bulk Scheduling

• Recurring & Evergreen Posting

• Optimal Time Scheduling

• Color-Coded Content Presets

• Custom Copy for Each Platform

Advanced Analytics
Your Brand Analytics At Your Fingertips

• Integrates with Google Analytics

• Complete Brand Analytics

• Individual Social Profile Analytics

• Auto-Generated, Printable Reporting

• Visual Graphs for Easy Comprehension

• Automatic Tracking with UTM Codes

Advanced Analytics
ABC's of Social Media for Small Business
ABC's of Social Media for Small Business
Learn the Strategies Behind Keeping Your Audience Engaged
Annual Planning

Brand Recognition

Content Curation

• Products

• Incentives

• Bonuses

296 Pre-Made, Easily Editable Post Images
Branded Content Without the Work
• 47 Holiday Posts

• 198 Quote Posts

• 51 Custom Posts

• Step-By-Step Editing Tutorials

• Quickly Customizable

• No Additional Software Required

296 Pre-Made, Easily Editable Post Images
Social Media Brainstorming Calendar
Social Media Brainstorming Calendar
Plan Your Best Social Media Marketing Strategy Yet

• Achieve Brand Recognition Through Social Media

• 15 Product Post Content Prompts

• 20 Incentive Post Content Prompts

• 44 Bonus Post Content Prompts

• 13 Week Content Schedule

• Planning Calendar

20 Free Stock Photo Sites PDF

Beautiful Photography Without the Price Tag

• Essential Tool for Small Business

• Commercial Use

• License Free

• Attribution Free

• No Photographer Required

• No More Stealing From Google

20 Free Stock Photo Sites PDF
Competitor Tracking
Competitor Tracking
Spy on Your Competition 

• Top Users

• Audience Growth

• Post Activity

• Best Performing by Engagement

• Best Performing by Comments

• Optimal Posting Schedule

Social Media Listening
Stay in the Conversation & Connect

• Find Influencers in Your Niche

• Learn Who Is Talking About Your Industry

• Connect with Complimentary Brands

• Automatic Search & Data Collection

• One Search With Multiple Terms Included

• Easiest Way to Stay Current

Social Media Listening
Optimal Posting Time
Optimal Posting Times
Learn to Post When You See the Best Results

• Posting Tailored to Your Brand

• Automatic Recommendations

• Easily Monitor Changes

• Analytic Reporting

• Compare to Competitor Times

• No More Guessing When to Post

Team Management
Easily Stay Organized & On Task

• Separate Permissions for Each Team Member

• Custom Publication Workflow

• Post Approval Based on Post Type

• Performance Reporting

• Stop Giving Out Your Passwords

• No More Guessing What Your Team Is Doing

**NOTE: There may be additional fees for team management

Team Management
You'll Also Receive These Bonuses:

Bonus #1 (Valued at $497)

Membership to an Exclusive Mastermind
Membership to an Exclusive Mastermind
Experience community with other small business owners who are using social media to grow their small businesses.

Bonus #2 (Valued at $1,164)

Live Monthly Q&A Sessions
Live Monthly Q&A Sessions
Each month you will have the opportunity to join a live Zoom call to ask questions about Social Media Marketing.
Don't Leave Without Making The Choice To
Transform Your Business Today
Don't Leave Without Making The Choice
No Contracts - Cancel Any Time

I'm So Certain That MSB Social Will Change Your Business Forever That There Is NO Contract

If You Are Not Entirely Satisfied With The Content Of This Product, Email MSBizSocial@Gmail.Com to Cancel Anytime.
You'll Get Everything You Need To:
  • Automate social media scheduling & rescheduling
  • ​Understand your analytics​
  • ​Discover the right content to post for your business
  • Learn the best times to post for your audience 
  • ​Find free open source images for your posts
  • ​Create social media posts quickly
  • ​Customize your marketing plan easily
  • ​Spy on your competitors to see what's working
  • ​Identify influencers in your niche
  • ​Experience community with small business owners
  • ​Get one-on-one help when you need it
  • ​Build a team & stop giving out your passwords
  • ​Increase Your Revenue
  • ​Beat Your Competition
  • ​Steal ALL the Sales!
You're just one step away...

You CAN Live Your Dream,

♥ Elise

So What Do You Get?!

Do you mind if we over-deliver? 

Here's a Recap of Everything You'll Get When You Purchase This Amazing Offer:

MSB Social
  • ​MSB Social Media Scheduling Software ($588 Value)        
  • ABC's of Social Media for Small Business ($485 Value)​​
  • ​Advanced Analytics ($297 Value)
  • ​296 Pre-Made, Easily Editable Post Images ($148 Value) 
  • Competitor Tracking ($97 Value)
  • Social Media Listening ($97 Value)  
  • ​Team Management ($97 Value)
  • ​​Social Media Brainstorming Calendar ($47 Value)  
  • ​Optimal Posting Times ($47 Value)
  • ​20 Free Stock Photo Sites PDF ($47 Value)
  • Live Monthly Q&A Sessions ($1,164 Value)                     
  • Membership to an Exclusive Mastermind ($497 Value)         
Total Value: $3,611
But Today, You're Getting All Of This...
On Sale Until October 19th..
For Only...
Annual Payments

Monthly Payments


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