Build & Grow Your YouTube Channel

Without Becoming A Dancing Monkey

YouTube is Like the Baby Who Never Stops Crying

You're not sure what to do to make them happy. So you just suffer.

But, you can't reach YOUR people if you don't please the ALGORITHM.

If you want to get your videos in front of the right people so that you can start building a massive following who will buy your products, then you need to start using YouTube THE RIGHT WAY - RIGHT NOW!

Stop Doing These Things:

  • Posting Inconsistently

  • Not Posting New Videos Often Enough

  • ​Not Using the Best Tools for YouTube

  • Not Planning Your Content

  • ​Guessing What Topics to Cover

  • Not Researching YouTube SEO

Lay the groundwork for increased sales

"Online stores that have a social presence have 32% more sales on average than stores that don’t"

Be Ready Or You'll Miss Out On The Biggest Sales Of The Year
"Holiday sales represent about 20 percent of annual retail sales each year, but the figure can be higher for some retailers."

-National Retail Federation

The Underground TikTok Hack Is Made for YOU

1. Affordable

You choose what works for your pocketbook. Even a minimal investment can help you grow your business.

2. Understandable

Walk away with a plan that you understand. No prior knowledge needed.

3. Actionable

A step-by-step system that helps you create the right videos for YouTube.

A Trusted Expert & Brand Mastermind

Elise Nelson is the Founder & CEO of My Scheduled Biz, where she uses her 6+ years of experience as an entrepreneur to help business owners increase their sales through social media & website optimization. 

Elise is also the Author of the book "Browser vs Buyer: Optimize Your Ecommerce Website & Get More Sales!".

With her straightforward, analytical style she brings clarity & answers the question burning in every entrepreneur's mind, "What should I do next?"

Here’s what business owners have said about working with Elise: 


" Elise is a treasure trove of great information. She’s the best person to have your back."

- Cherri Weaver, Dances With Yarns


"Elise makes my job as an entrepreneur SO MUCH EASIER. She is incredibly knowledgeable, always responds promptly, and she’s great to work with."

- Rose McCombs Jordan


"You can start out growing a small business as a solopreneur but sooner or later you’ll need someone you trust to help. Elise is trustworthy and will help you. I speak from experience."

- Barbara Harris, BagsYouTote


" I am fan of Elise and everything she puts out because I know all the work that goes into her research and when she teaches something or makes a recommendation I am confident it will be a good choice for my business. Thank you! I’m a fan of your content for life."

- Andrea York, Catch the Fire Worship Flags

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MSB Social Media Scheduling Software
Superior Social Media Scheduling to Grow Your Brand

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**30 Day Access

Double Trouble Method

Learn How Just TWO VIDEOS Can Save Your YouTube Channel!
(Even If You’re Starting With ZERO Followers)

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Sticky Note Video Strategy

Learn To Use Sticky Notes So That You Never Look Stupid On Camera Again
(Even If You Have Buck Teeth & A Unibrow)

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Fast & Dirty Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To Find Topics That Will Help You Float To The Top Of Google Search
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**Free & Paid Challenge
How to Get Your Posts Seen Lesson
Become An Asset and the Platform Will Increase Views

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The Shopper Mindset Lesson
Learn How to Make Your Website Easier to Shop

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**Free & Paid Challenge
Social Media Rabbit Hole Lesson
Take the Initiative & Find Your Audience

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Pre-Made Post Images
Content Without the Work

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**Free & Paid Challenge
20 Free Stock Photo Sites PDF
Beautiful Photography Without the Price Tag

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You'll Also Receive These Bonuses:

Bonus #1 (Valued at $497)

Membership to an Exclusive Mastermind
Experience community with other small business owners who are using social media to grow their small businesses.

Bonus #2 (Valued at $1,164)

Live Weekly Q&A Sessions
Each week you will have the opportunity to join a live Zoom call to ask questions about the challenge.
Plus, when you participate in the challenge you'll be entered to win: 

One-On-One Strategy Session With Elise ($247 Value)

So What Do You Get?!

Do you mind if we over-deliver? 

Here's a Recap of Everything You'll Get Today:

• Double Trouble Method

• Sticky Note Strategy

• Fast & Dirty SEO

Total Value: $591

But today, You're Getting All Of This


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So What Do You Get?!
Do you mind if we over-deliver? 
Here's a Recap of Everything You'll Get With the 

5 Minute A Day Social Media Challenge:

  • ​12 Editable Holiday Posts
  • ​20 Editable Quote Posts
  • Track Traffic Spreadsheet
  • Daily 7 Minute Lessons​
  • MSBizers Mastermind
  • Weekly Q&A Calls​
  • ​Social Media Scheduler
  • ​Advanced Analytics
  • ​Stock Photo Sites PDF