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Launch (or Fix) Your YouTube Channel

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Share Your Passion with the World

Launch (or Fix) Your YouTube Channel Today!

Friday, January 26th, 11am-2pm CST!

Do you have a talent for coaching people how to train their 🙀 cats to do the moonwalk or the ancient art of underwater 🧺 basket weaving? 

YouTube is the perfect place to showcase your unique coaching skills, services, or ecommerce business to a global audience.

As the world’s second-largest search engine (with over 5 billion videos viewed each day), YouTube is the perfect combination of massive reach & powerful marketing tool

So why not launch (or fix) your YouTube channel today and let the world know that YOU ARE the go-to for all things feline dance moves and aquatic crafts?

Get the YouTube Launch Party for ONLY $97!



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Get the YouTube Launch Party LIVE CALL + Replay for ONLY $97 when you purchase before
Friday, January 26th, 11am-2pm CST!

Get The Most Impact For Your Dollar Investment!

Without having to spend countless hours searching for answers, ask numerous novices (who don't know) or pay thousands of dollars to an "expert" who doesn't understand your business.

This purchase qualifies you for a $50 discount on another My Scheduled Biz offer from Elise (me). So you can feel confident that your money will NEVER be wasted. It's like a 2-for-1 deal!

What You Get:

  • ​Step-By Step Tutorial: This short video will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to setup & optimize your YouTube Channel. Stop hurting your video reach because your channel isn't optimized.

  • Canva Thumbnail Templates:
    Entice your audience to click your videos. You can't grow your audience if you can't even get them to click!

  • YouTube Upload Defaults Template: Learn exactly what to put in EVERY YouTube video description (including the secret links you should be using instead of the ones YouTube gives you)

  • Optional Upgrade: This purchase gets you a $50 Discount on another My Scheduled Biz offer from Elise (me).

  • ​Resources: Plus, I'll share my favorite small business resources so that you can understand your customers even better.

What Will I Get From the 🎉YouTube Launch Party🎉?

  • Move your “someday” vision of a YouTube Channel into a reality today

  • Get more done in this 2 hour video class than spending days, weeks, or months trying to figure it out on your own

  • Create a YouTube Channel that works for your business…instead of one that just takes time away from your business

  • Get the kick in the “but” you need to stop "flailing in obscurity"

  • Understand the tips & tricks to turn first time watchers into repeat buyers

  • Fix the gaps in your YouTube Channel by addressing settings, customization, and the technical side of YouTube

  • Get a clear picture of the content you should be using on YouTube to 🔎 REACH them, 🎓 TEACH them, & 👊 CLOSE the sale

  • Align your YouTube Channel with your purpose & mission

They Loved Working With Elise...

What Will I Do In The 2 Hour Video Class?

  • Setup your Channel Settings the RIGHT WAY TO OPTIMIZE for views, subscribers, & purchases

  • Find the RIGHT CHANNEL KEYWORDS to make every video upload even easier

  • Learn how to use keywords to get EVEN MORE PEOPLE TO SEE each of your videos

  • Create your banner image (or get suggestions on how to improve it)

  • Discuss the type of content you NEED to use on YouTube so that you can 🔎 REACH them, 🎓 TEACH them, & 👊 CLOSE the sale

They Also Loved Working With Elise...

Understand How to Monetize Your Existing YouTube Channel!

Get the Kick In But You Need to Get Started & Stop "Flailing In Obscurity"!

Fill In the "Gaps" In Your Channel & Learn the Strategy Behind YouTube!

Get The Most Impact For Your Time Investment!

The truth is that you CAN learn and figure out everything (or enough things) on your own to build your business. But it's faster (and often-times cheaper) to get help from someone who already knows what they're doing.

After all, by using someone else's expertise it means you are using all of the time it took them to become that expert. In other words, you aren't using your own time...but "stealing" theirs.

So if you're looking for the FASTEST way to grow your business, the secret is in leveraging other people's time instead of using only yours.


"Thanks so much, that was a wonderful help. I had been feeling a little overwhelmed but now definitely not. I feel I've been thrown a life preserver."

- Kerry Maree Smith, Kuddly Kerry's Kreations


"Thanks for this great challenge, it is the first one that has kept my interest and that I have wanted to do! I love that it gets right to the point! Been so very helpful!"

- Gwynne Rife, Zenmundi

...You're Going to Love It Too!

No Catch, No Gimmicks

It's simple. 

I know how frustrating it can be to pay for help and get no actionable steps to grow. 

That's why I promise that I will give you some REAL help with your business.

Then you can apply the FULL VALUE of this purchase to another My Scheduled Biz offer from Elise (me) to make sure you're always moving and growing your business.

 Don't Miss This Limited Time Offer

Why Choose Elise?

  • Easy-To-Follow Instructions: Join Elise live for step-by-step instructions to launch (or fix) your YouTube Channel

  • Define Your Channel Purpose: Edit your YouTube settings & customizations to improve reach for every video you upload

  • Personalized Guidance: Ensure your channel stands out from the competition & clearly conveys your message

  • Create Professional Banner Art: Answer your viewers questions & clearly identify your channel purpose

  • Improve Reach On Every Video: Learn the easy way to use YouTube SEO without expensive software or hours spent on every video

  • Increase Watch Time: Learn the 2 links you should be using so that you can get more watch time from every click (instead of the links YouTube provides)

Plus, You'll Get Files To Help You:

  • Organize and save your keywords so SEO is a breeze

  • Get more subscribers with a quick & easy settings hack

  • Use just 2 links to increase watch time

  • Make Thumbnails that will grab attention & get the click

  • Create YouTube Channel Art that looks great on ALL devices

  • Know what to put in your video descriptions to improve reach


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