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Gain the confidence and competence to create and manage a successful YouTube channel that doesn't just attract viewers, but builds a loyal community. This master course will transform the way you approach YouTube - it's not just about making videos; it's about making a difference!

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Your Videos Are Like Household Garbage.

Yes, you read that right..Just like that bag of kitchen waste you'd rather not think about.

Right now, you're taking your priceless gems of wisdom and, unintentionally, sending them to the digital equivalent of a landfill.

Aren't you ready to craft videos that don't suck so that you can stop wasting time on content garbage that doesn't sell? And instead MAKE MONEY WITH YOUTUBE?

Stop Doing These Things:

  • Skipping Video Content Altogether

  • Not Understanding Video's Purpose

  • Guessing What to Record

  • Not Researching Your Audience

  • Forgetting To Make Profit A Priority

  • Not Repurposing Your Videos

  • Skipping Editing/Doing It Poorly

  • Avoiding Analytics Like the Plague

Lay the groundwork for increased sales

"Online stores that have a social presence have 32% more sales on average than stores that don’t"

Don't Miss Out On Learning How To Turn Your YouTube Channel From A Wasteland Into a Wonderland With the YouTube Exposed Master Course!

YouTube Exposed Is Made for YOU

1. Profitable

It's time to get profitable with your YouTube Channel! Stop waiting to get monetized or for subscribers to magically turn into purchasers. Instead, learn to REACH them, TEACH them, & CLOSE the sale

2. Understandable & Complete

Tired of courses that promise the moon, but then only give you half the details? Instead, follow along step-by-step as Elise shows you the exact strategy from A-to-Z to get your YouTube Channel Bringing you Buyers.

3. Support

From Q&A Calls with Elise, to a Facebook Group full of current & future YouTubers, you will have a community to answer your questions, provide support, and give you the kick in the pants when you need it.

A Trusted Expert & Brand Mastermind

Elise Michelle is the Founder & CEO of My Scheduled Biz, where she uses her 7+ years of experience as an entrepreneur to help business owners increase their sales through YouTube. 

Elise is also the Author of the book "Browser vs Buyer: Optimize Your Ecommerce Website & Get More Sales!".

With her straightforward, analytical style she brings clarity & direction for business owners who are struggling to meet their goals and live the life of their dreams.

Here’s what business owners have said about working with Elise: 


" Elise is a treasure trove of great information. She’s the best person to have your back."

- Cherri Weaver, Dances With Yarns


"Elise makes my job as an entrepreneur SO MUCH EASIER. She is incredibly knowledgeable, always responds promptly, and she’s great to work with."

- Rose McCombs Jordan


"You can start out growing a small business as a solopreneur but sooner or later you’ll need someone you trust to help. Elise is trustworthy and will help you. I speak from experience."

- Barbara Harris, BagsYouTote


" I am fan of Elise and everything she puts out because I know all the work that goes into her research and when she teaches something or makes a recommendation I am confident it will be a good choice for my business. Thank you! I’m a fan of your content for life."

- Andrea York, Catch the Fire Worship Flags

You Could Be Helping Your People...

Remember, YouTube is not just about likes; it's about influencing lives.

Are You Ready To Reach Your People & Influence Lives?

 It's ALL Included:

Module 1: Double Trouble Method

Because Two Socks Are Better Than One!

Uncover the magic of a two-part content strategy as complementary as a pair of cozy socks! Let's deep dive into ways to pump out top-tier content without breaking a sweat. Want to discover the secret to wearing both socks with style and creating content that truly rocks? Click the link and join the course now!

**Valued at $247

Module 2: 4th Grader's Guide to YouTube SEO

Set Up Your Channel So That You're The Algorithm's Bestie

Take a walk down memory lane with the simplicity of a 4th-grade classroom, learning to master the grown-up game of YouTube SEO. Get the tools and strategies you need to become the algorithm's best friend, making your content discoverable to the masses. Let's chat about keywords, tags, and all things SEO. Are you ready to play in the big leagues? Hit that link and let's get started!

**Valued at $247

Module 3: Expedition YouTube

The Quest For Hidden Gems

Embark on an exciting journey and discover the hidden gems in the vast YouTube landscape. We'll go treasure hunting together, learning from successful channels and content that's about to go viral. Are you prepared for an adventure that will transform your YouTube channel? It's time to put on your explorer hat and join us!

**Valued at $247

Module 4: Make Money With YouTube

I Double Dog Dare You!

What's better than watching your favorite YouTube videos? Making money from them, of course! It's time to take the 'Double Dog Dare' and learn how to turn your passion into a paycheck. Unlock the secrets of YouTube monetization before even qualifying for YouTube's partner program. Dare to transform your YouTube journey into a money-making adventure? Click on the link and let's dive in!

**Valued at $247

Module 5: YouTube Cloning Lab

The Art & Science of Content Multiplication

Welcome to the space where one video multiplies into many! Learn the art and science of repurposing your content across platforms, extending its life and reach. Get ready to unleash your content in ways you never thought possible, keeping your brand fresh and relevant. Intrigued by the idea of multiplying your efforts for maximum returns? Join the course now!

**Valued at $247

Module 6: Ready, Set, Edit!

YouTube Editing as Easy as a Dad Joke

Become the Spielberg of your content with 'Ready, Set, Edit'! We're making video editing as easy as laughing at a dad joke. Dive into step-by-step editing instructions, discover what elements you need to focus on, and get your videos polished to perfection. Eager to turn your raw footage into a masterpiece? It's time to roll up your sleeves and click that link!

**Valued at $247

Module 7: Unrealized Potential

Review, Rethink, and Revise

Unlock the potential of your YouTube channel with analytics. Identify what's working and what's not, and re-strategize to maximize your channel's impact. Are you ready to transform your channel's potential into tangible results? Get on board and click the link to join the course now!

**Valued at $247

Your YouTube Launch Party

Join The Live 3 Hour Zoom Call

You'll get more done in 3 hours than spending days, weeks, or months trying to figure it out on your own. You'll fix the gaps in your YouTube Channel by addressing settings, customization, and the technical side of YouTube & create a YouTube Channel that works for your business

(instead of one that just takes time away from your business).

**Valued at $2,470

Group Q&A Calls

Join Live at 1pm CST July 26th, August 2nd, 16th, & 23rd

With four live Q&A calls included, you can make your journey to YouTube success a shared adventure. Struggling with implementing new strategies? No worries! Just hop on these calls, ask your questions, and get real-time, customized solutions. Elise is here to guide you every step of the way. Ready for the journey of a lifetime? Click that button and let's get this show on the road!

**Valued at $988

Exclusive Facebook Group

Your YouTube Tribe Awaits!

Tap into an exclusive Facebook group - your new YouTube family! Post your videos, Monday-Friday, in a dedicated thread for critiques and praise. Have a burning question? Throw it in the group and let the collective wisdom of fellow YouTubers guide you. Let's shape the YouTube landscape together, foster connections, share triumphs, and turn setbacks into comebacks. Get ready to forge relationships that extend beyond the screen. So what are you waiting for? Click to join - your YouTube tribe awaits!

**Valued at $2,964

You'll Also Receive These Bonuses:

Bonus #1 (Valued at $123/Session)

50% Discount On Strategy Sessions w/Elise

Imagine having a YouTube strategist in your corner, sharpening your skills, fine-tuning your approach, and revealing game-changing insights. Don't wait - this is a limited-time opportunity. Ready to catapult your YouTube game from ordinary to extraordinary, from static to dynamic? Sign up now and let's strategize your YouTube path together at half the cost!

Bonus #2 (Valued at $51)

1 Month Trial to The Inspiration Domination Club

Imagine, a library of viral sounds at your fingertips - an arsenal of audio magic to make your videos captivating! Want faster video creation? Craving fun while editing? Need to make the process easier? It's all within reach. Get ready to supercharge your videos with sonic sparkle and transform your YouTube journey. Your one-month trial to Inspiration Domination Club is one click away! Ready to make your videos sing?

So What Do You Get?!

Do you mind if we over-deliver? 

Here's a Recap of Everything You'll Get When Your Purchase This Amazing Offer:

• Double Trouble Method ($247 Value)

• 4th Grader's Guide to YouTube SEO ($247 Value)
• Expedition YouTube ($247 Value)

• Make Money With YouTube ($247 Value)

• YouTube Cloning Lab ($247 Value)
• Ready, Set, Edit! ($247 Value)

• Unrealized Potential ($247 Value)

• Your YouTube Launch Party ($2,470 Value)

• 4 Group Q&A Calls ($988 Value)

• Exclusive Facebook Group ($2,964 Value)

• BONUS: 50% Discount on Strategy Sessions w/Elise ($123 Value/Session)

• BONUS: Inspiration Domination Club - 1 Month Trial ($51 Value)

FREE 1-on-1 Strategy Session
$247 VALUE

Total Value: $8,328

But today, You're Getting All Of This For

ONLY $597

ONLY $346!


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So What Do You Get?!
Do you mind if we over-deliver? 
Here's a Recap of Everything You'll Get With the 

5 Minute A Day Social Media Challenge:

  • ​12 Editable Holiday Posts
  • ​20 Editable Quote Posts
  • Track Traffic Spreadsheet
  • Daily 7 Minute Lessons​
  • MSBizers Mastermind
  • Weekly Q&A Calls​
  • ​Social Media Scheduler
  • ​Advanced Analytics
  • ​Stock Photo Sites PDF